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Your Message Matters

The LAST Training or Program That You’ll Ever Need To Grow Your Coaching, Consulting, Or Agency Business To 6-Figures Per Year

Build your course, get high-paying clients and do it without running any Facebook ads or building an expensive website

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In This LIVE 5-Day Program, We’ll Be Covering:

Here's how to turn your mess into your message the right way!

Day 1

The single greatest business model for any type of ‘Expert’ Business (whether you’re a coach, consultant, agency, or service provider)

Day 2

Why selling low ticket products is the WRONG way to get started (and what to do instead)

Day 3

Our proven structure to create an irresistible, high-converting offer that is a no-brainer for your prospects

Day 4

Why you SHOULDN’T run ads until you’re consistently making $10k per month (and how we’ve scaled to $300k+ per month before we even touched Facebook ads)

Day 5

The little-known MATH equations that make growing your business to 6-figures per year easier than you think (the gurus don’t teach this)

Here’s What Our Last Group Of Impact MBAs Had To Say About The Program:

Hey, Lauren here! I founded Impact School a few years ago, and I’m really excited to welcome you to my flagship 5-day program - The “Impact MBA”!

Back when I was trying to get my own coaching business off of the ground, I followed all of the typical “experts” and took their advice...and I got absolutely nowhere.

🙄 I spent months trying to build a website

🙄 I tried to learn Facebook Ads

🙄 I tried building complex sales funnels

🙄 I tried creating an hour-long webinar

Listen, here’s the truth...all of these things can help you build a successful business, but only if you’re an expert on how to use all of these things.

Think about it like this…

I can give you all of the tools you’d need to build a house, but does that mean that you can build a house?

I can give you the fastest car in the world, but does that mean you can compete with professional race car drivers?

You can have a webinar, a website, killer ads, and funnels in your tool belt, but does that lead to success in building your business?

In both cases, you’d still be lacking the knowledge and fundamentals that you need to know in order to use the tools.

I created the MBA to teach you the fundamentals of building an online coaching or consulting business…

...the same fundamentals that got me to 7 figures before I started doing ANY of the stuff I mentioned above.

Here’s What Our Last Group Of Impact MBAs Had To Say About The Program:

What you DON’T focus on is equally (if not more) important than what you DO focus on

That’s why in the Impact MBA, we WON’T be teaching you:

  • How To Run Paid Ads

You do not need Facebook ads to scale to $5k, $10k, or even $50k per month. I’ve done it and plenty of our clients have as well

  • How To Write An Hour Long Webinar

Webinars are completely unnecessary UNTIL you’re making enough money to hire team members to help you and you’re ready to scale.

  • How To Create 3 pieces of content every day for ever platform

We help you decide which platforms are going to be your “money-makers”, so you can focus on them and avoid splitting your focus.

  • Shady Tactics To Get Clients

When you use shady tactics, you attract shady clients. This can lead to the complete DECLINE of your business, and you’ll lose credibility at record speed if you do this.

  • Vague ‘Mindset’ Concepts You Could’ve Learned For Free

Mindset is important, but this isn’t a mindset program where we just talk in circles. The MBA is a TACTICAL program with real implementation steps and actionable strategies.

The Program is 5 Days Long...Here’s Our Brand-New Schedule:

Day 1 Entrepreneur’s Mindset: What’s Stopping You? Figuring Out Your Framework Read More...

Getting this wrong will do more damage than any “bad” business decisions. On Day 1, we’re re-wiring your mindset and framing for success so you can proceed with a CLEAR vision of who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re going to achieve.

Day 2 Finding Your Niche + Impact Offer

Don’t cast your net too wide...on Day 2 we’re working with you to find your niche and going over the PROPER way to figure it out. By the end of the day, you’ll know who you’re going after and what you can do for them

Day 3 PBRM + How to Find Clients on Social Read More...

The #1 issue facing all coaches, consultants, and agency businesses is how to find clients, and on Day 3 we’re taking all the guesswork out of it for you. With our unique framework and prospecting techniques, you’ll realize that signing your dream clients is way easier than you think.

Day 4 Building & Validating Your Product + Funnel Math Read More...

Every business is built off of a great product, and on Day 4 we’re showing you how to use “test pilots” to validate your offer and help you refine it. On top of that, we’re showing you how to do your ‘Funnel Math’ to plot your way to 6 figures and beyond.

Day 5 Finance

You’d be surprised at how many businesses FAIL because of bad financial management, and on Day 5 we’re showing you how to avoid the “money burning” mistakes that plague most coaches and consultants. After Day 5, we can promise that you’ll never think about money the same...

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…
Whether you’re religious or not...you’ve probably heard that verse. A mentor pointed out to me once that the key word in that sentence is walk. 

Walking forward in spite of the valley.

Making forward progress in spite of what is going on in the world. 

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