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Get Your Time Back Through the NEW Model For Delivering Courses, Marketing Yourself, And Getting More Clients...

In this LIVE and FREE 3 Day Program

(without fussing with ads, funnels, websites, chatbots, or other complex tech...)

MAY 24TH - 26TH

The Impact MBA is Perfect For You If:

  • You Want to Reach More People
  • You want to attract your ideal clients (instead of always having to chase them…)
  • You want to scale your coaching, consulting, or agency business
  • You want to increase your prices and aren’t sure how
  • Move your clients online and do less “one-on-one” client work
  • You Want to Reach More People
  • You want to attract your ideal clients (instead of always having to chase them…)
  • You want to scale your coaching, consulting, or agency business
  • You want to increase your prices and aren’t sure how
  • Move your clients online and do less “one-on-one” client work

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

In This 3-Day Program, You’re Going To Finally Unlock The Secrets To A Scalable Online Coaching/Consulting Business

(and leverage your time so that you can stop stressing out all the time…)

You started your coaching business a little while back, and at first things were going great…

You started making some money, enough to meet your goals, and maybe you even quit your job to go into business full time.

But then you hit the inevitable “ceiling” that almost all online coaches and consultants face:

You’re burnt out from dealing one-on-one with your clients all day…

You’re always stressed about how you’ll attract new leads…

You don’t have confidence that you’ll be able to close clients consistently enough to hit your targets…

Then you start lowering your prices…

It’s a vicious cycle.

Inside The Impact MBA, You’ll Learn How To Use Online Courses and Our “Impact Offer” Business Model To Finally Scale Up and Charge More For Your Services…

When it comes to scaling, forget about all of the noise for a second…because it really only comes down to 3 things:

1️⃣ Nailing down your niche, your offer, and crafting your perfect messaging

2️⃣ A predictable method to generate new leads every single week and get them on a quick call to see if you can help them

3️⃣ An easy, scalable way to deliver results to your clients that doesn’t eat up all of your free time

Forget about all of the “shiny objects” for a minute…

If you could systematize all of these processes and scale them up, what could that do for your business?

How much more could you charge?

How many more clients could you take on?

How many more calls would you book each week?

By leveraging our tried-and-true systems for each of these three areas, you’ll be off and scaling before the end of next week.

How does that sound?

But Who Am I To Talk About Building and Scaling Your Coaching and Consulting Business?

My Name Is Lauren Tickner...

I’m really excited to welcome you to my flagship 3-day program - The “Impact MBA”!

Back when I was trying to get my own coaching business off of the ground, I followed all of the typical “experts” and took their advice...and I got absolutely nowhere.

🙄 I spent months trying to build a website

🙄 I tried to learn Facebook Ads

🙄 I tried building complex sales funnels

🙄 I tried creating an hour-long webinar

Listen, here’s the truth...all of these things can help you scale, but only once you’ve implement THESE proven strategies and rebuilt your foundation inside of the Impact MBA.

If You Truly Want To Scale, You Need To Implement THIS Business Model Inside of Your Coaching And Consulting Business

Introducing the “Impact Offer” business model that will finally create scalability inside of your coaching/consulting business…

This isn’t some “flash in the pan” tactic or strategy that works once and fizzles out…

The Impact Offer business model helps even businesses that have gone stagnant scale up.

Here's What You're Going to Learn Inside

The Impact MBA

Day 1: Nailing Down Your Niche, Offer, and Crafting Your Perfect Marketing Message

Why would you start trying to scale without a proper foundation? On day 1, we help you nail down the messaging and give you clarity on your path forward to scaling.

Day 2: The ONLY Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy You Need To Hit 6 Figures…

Forget about building funnels, building a website, and all of the other complex marketing tactics that you’ve ever heard about. On day 2, I’m showing you how all you need is a free social media account and 2 thumbs to start getting clients who’d be happy to pay you $1k, $3k, or $5k+ for your coaching or consulting.

(seriously, don’t build a funnel until you hit $15k/month doing this)

Day 3: The Simple Math That Will Help You Get “Third-Eye” Clarity On How To Scale to Multiple 6 Figures

At the end of the day, business is all about economics and math. On day 3, you’ll figure out exactly how to use “funnel math” to plot your way past your financial goals and beyond. After Day 3, you’ll realize it’s way simpler than you thought before.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It... Here’s What The Last Group of MBAs Had To Say:

What you DON’T focus on is equally (if not more) important than what you DO focus on

That’s why in the Impact MBA, we WON’T be teaching you:

  • How To Run Paid Ads

You do not need Facebook ads to scale to $5k, $10k, or even $50k per month. I’ve done it and plenty of our clients have as well

  • How To Write An Hour Long Webinar

Webinars are completely unnecessary UNTIL you’re making enough money to hire team members to help you and you’re ready to scale.

  • How To Create 3 pieces of content every day for ever platform

We help you decide which platforms are going to be your “money-makers”, so you can focus on them and avoid splitting your focus.

  • Shady Tactics To Get Clients

When you use shady tactics, you attract shady clients. This can lead to the complete DECLINE of your business, and you’ll lose credibility at record speed if you do this.

  • Vague ‘Mindset’ Concepts You Could’ve Learned For Free

Mindset is important, but this isn’t a mindset program where we just talk in circles. The MBA is a TACTICAL program with real implementation steps and actionable strategies.

If You’re Ready To Scale, This FREE 3 Day

Program Is For You!

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…
Whether you’re religious or’ve probably heard that verse. A mentor pointed out to me once that the key word in that sentence is walk. 

Walking forward in spite of the valley.

Making forward progress in spite of what is going on in the world. 

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